About us

Anette + Bernd Hollmann, we both are freelance workers. Our 4 children are already living now there own life. Our fields of activity: Mrs. Anette Hollmann has her talents implemented in art and healing art, as a trained goldsmith and state certified health practitioner. Atelier and practice in the house. Mr. Bernd Hollmann is an independant business consultant for medium-sized companies. 

We both love to learn, that our concept of holiday living is pleasing You. After having lived in various parts of Germany like Hamburg, Munich and other places,

f You need any extra - just ask us. 


  • Arrival / departure should be coordinated by phone or e-mail early.
  • We operate the rental  on a sideline and ask for your understanding.
  • Questions about the environment or about changes on arrival / departure please personally in time to vote with us.
  • Extension of the stay is possible in agreement with the landlord if no other bookings oppose it.


Smoking is not allowed in all units.

In both units  stairs are connecting the storeys.

Windows on the weather front should be kept closed in the absence.

Parties or similar group events are not part of our deal.

The noise level should be adjusted to the normal level of an apartment in the neighborhood.

Waste separation is a requirement for our state Brandenburg.